How fast does a helicopter go?

About 200km/h (125m/h) in general, depending upon the helicopter model used.

How high does a helicopter fly?

A helicopter files at least 200m (600 feet) above the ground but usually between 200m – 500m (600 feet – 1500 feet).

Is there a lot of noise aboard the helicopter?

The noise on board is bearable, but for better comfort each passenger is equipped with a radio headset to communicate with all occupants including the pilot.

How many seats are on board the helicopter?

This varies by company and type of aircraft, but generally from 2 to 12 seats.

How often do the helicopters have regular maintenance?

Helicopters have regular maintenance every 50 to 100 hours of flights. In general, helicopters undergo a rigorous revision in specialised workshops in charge of their maintenance. They are mostly monitored daily, before and after flights.

Can weather conditions prevent a helicopter flight?

The weather is the most important factor that determines whether the flight is possible or not. Even if it is frustrating to postpone a scheduled flight, we advise you to be patient and to wait for a sunny day for this unique experience.

How do I move around the helicopter when it is on the ground?

Whether it is a stationary or rotating rotor, a helicopter is a dangerous device that requires the utmost caution. For embarkation and disembarkation all passengers are accompanied by an authorised person. Otherwise it is forbidden to remain alone near a helicopter, or on or near the landing area if it is in flight. This for obvious security and safety reasons. A safety instructions sheet is provided with more information.

Is the helicopter dangerous?

It is important to get rid of the idea that in the event of engine failure, a helicopter will fall like a rock. In practice, helicopters are designed to allow them to land on almost all types of terrain, without engine and safely. This is the autorotation. Pilots are regularly trained in this technique.


What is the minimum age for a child?

There is no minimum age. In general, under 2 years old a child can fly on the lap of a parent. From 2 years old he has his own seat. The important thing is that he can support the helmet on his ears during the flight. There is of course no age limit, but it depends on the company. Also, the number of children is limited on board. Consult us before booking.

What is the age limit for seniors?

There is no age limit.

Is access easy for people with disabilities?

Yes, access is possible for people with disabilities, according to each company. There is a limitation of the amount of weight that can be comfortably lifted by the personnel on the ground. In general a passenger with disabilities must be placed at the front next to the driver, so the weight of this passenger is important. Contact us for more information. 

Is a medical certificate required?

In general, no.

Are there any precautions for people with cardiac issues?

No, helicopter flights are smooth.

What meal should I have before the flight?

Plan a light meal. Alcohol consumption before the flight is not recommended. Drink water to hydrate yourself.

Are there any precautions for pregnant women?

Depending on the stage of pregnancy, a risk of premature labor due to vibrations on board may be possible in flight. Consult your doctor for advice before the flight.

Does a helicopter flight cause dizziness?

There is no feeling of dizziness in a helicopter because there is no connection with the ground. The reference floor is the floor of the helicopter.

Should we cover ourselves on board a helicopter?

No, the comfort conditions are the same as in an automobile.

Is there a limit of weight or size?

Each helicopter is subject to structural constraints. For these reasons, manufacturers have limitations that vary according to the type of helicopter. In general, the weight limit of a passenger is 110 kg.

Can my pet accompany me?

Some companies allow the transport of pets but some do not. Please consult us before booking.


How much luggage can I bring?

It all depends on the company. 1 piece in general. Information will be provided at the time of booking.

May I bring cabin luggage?

A small hand baggage is allowed in the cabin, in general.

Are electronic devices allowed on the helicopter?

As a precaution, it is requested that all electronic devices likely to disrupt the functioning of the aircraft devices by their electromagnetic radiation be turned off before boarding the helicopter.

Can I bring a camera or a camcorder?

This will depend on the company. Please consult us before booking.

What is the maximum weight per bag?

The weight must not exceed 25 kg (55lbs) per bag.

What is the maximum size per bag?

The maximum size is the standard size, between 60 and 80cm (24 to 31 inches).